Why have pets at home is good for children?

Having pets can bring benefits to children. Know how!

Pets are great company, and one thing that everyone agrees on is that having a pet is the dream of most children, but it is not an easy task at all. They need special care, but even so, despite the work, there are countless benefits of having a pet with your children, we will list some here:

Children’s physical activity

Technology helps our lives, but in this age of modernity, video games and smartphones are holding more and more to the attention of the little ones. Asking them to disconnect or get out of the video game is getting harder and harder. Now, if you have you have a pet in your home, this will be a perfect excuse to take them out for a walk, involving play and outdoor activities.

Fight allergies

Research led by pediatrician Dennis Ownby, head of the allergy and immunology department at the Georgia Medical School, found that having pets at home, close to children, reduces the risk of developing minor allergies. Having animals at home, close to growing children, can strengthen the immune system of the little ones and prepare them to fight any new allergenic element.

Teaching small duties and responsibilities

Taking care of a pet makes children responsible. Feeding and cleaning up helps to teach children to be more responsible. It helps in the formation of maturity, which will help them in other areas of life. This will also make them more concerned not only with pets, but with the people around them.

Develops your social skills and self-esteem

It has been proven that having a pet increases the social skills and self-esteem of the pet’s life cycle. Children become more sociable and more confident when meeting new people, and it helps in social interaction.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Several studies have proven that having a pet is a safe way to reduce stress and anxiety among people. The interaction between pets and children takes all the problems, fears and anxiety out of their minds, in addition to the exchange of affection, which removes the feeling of loneliness and stress. Playing with pets is also indicated to reduce blood pressure, in addition to being indicated as the best type of therapy for people with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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