This is Xherdan, the scariest looking cat in the world

Wrinkled and with a peculiar appearance, this sphynx cat became an internet hit but not just because he is hairless but because he looks like he wants to take over the world.

If you like cats, you know that there are many beautiful breeds around the world, the most famous of which is that of the Persian cat, with its voluminous and shiny fur. But no cat has become as famous on social media as the cat named Xherdan. This unusual pet was considered the scariest domestic cat in the world.Check it out!

Xherdan has a very peculiar appearance, with a completely wrinkled skin, almost like a wrinkled plastic. Despite the frightening appearance, the animal is extremely sweet and affectionate, according to the pet’s tutor, who said that as soon as she met the pet, it was love at first sight.

The kitten is 6 years old and has ended up in several newspapers and internet news portals because of his different appearance. Nicknamed “the scariest cat in the world”, he is actually very cute and friendly.

Xherdan is full of energy and playful just like a child, he lives with his owner Sandra Filippi in RĂ¼ti, Switzerland.

Sandra wanted to share pictures of her unusual cat with the whole world so she set up an Instagram account for Xherdan which you can find here, @xherdanthenakedcat. In the profile, you can see his wrinkles, his blue eyes and his frown. The cat already has more than 34,700 followers (23/04/2020).

Filippi discovered that everybody thought Xherdan was an angry cat because of his mean expressions. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, according to the owner of the hairless cat, he has a really sweet personality. For this very reason, he has gained many followers on the internet.

According to the owner, when people meet Xherdan they are a little scared at first, but then soon warm up to him. The cat is hairless, extremely clean and has a unique look. His wrinkled skin is the coolest aspect of this pet’s appearance. He also loves hugs.

Apparently, he is a very playful cat, with a lovely temperament. The pussy went viral online and can even be considered a digital influencer. What did you think of this kitten? Is he really the scariest cat in the world? What is your opinion?

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