The mouse that howls at the moon and hunts scorpions

Apparently, men who turn into wolves are not real, but that kind of behavior is more real and unlikely than you thought. That’s right, just like the werewolves, who howl at the moon and are great predators, there is a pet, in nature, with this behavior.

The locust rat is small and innocent only in size and appearance, because, in practice, the small rodent is a skilled hunter, who even howls at the moon. His behavior is very reminiscent of what was described in the werewolf legends, however, in a totally unexpected animal. Grasshopper rats are lethal hunters and protect their territories in the same way as wolves.

For its size, the locust rat is what we would call a relentless predator. Although small and apparently cute, this mouse is nowhere near as common as it looks. They feed on many animals, some even dangerous, like scorpions for example. One of the most amazing characteristics of this rat is its ability to be immune to scorpion venom, making them their favorite prey. Because it is a rat, this animal is both incredibly cool and also very scary.

Grasshopper Rat

Native to the United States and Mexico, locust mice are naturally killers. Don’t be fooled by his fragile appearance, he is not what he seems. Insects, lizards, scorpions and even other mice will never be safe if these animals are around. Everything becomes a tasty prey for these rodents. Although it is also a rodent, the locust rat is distinguished from most other rodents due to its meat-based diet.

Even though they are small animals, grasshopper rats are on average 8.9 to 12.7 centimeters, they are more deadly than they appear. Mice of this species are relentless killers. They are great hunters and put terror on other small animals.

Poisonous animals do not seem to be a problem for them, as in addition to these animals, they also feed on highly poisonous centipedes. The same ones that kill other rodents just by injecting their dead toxin. Grasshopper rats are as smart as they are wild. They know that these centipedes inject their venom when they capture their prey. Thus, they only attack them from a distance, until they cannot move, let alone inject their toxins. For a mouse, that animal is very dangerous.


Don’t even think about taking a grasshopper mouse and holding it in your hands, like other rodents. You don’t want to take a ferocious bite, do you? Another detail, which intrigues these animals, is their behavior totally unusual for a rodent.

Grasshopper rats are very solitary animals, most likely due to their behavior and hunting style. They live alone or in pairs, and are constantly fighting over territory, with other rats and species that try to take their place.

Remembering the behavior of werewolves, this rat also howls at the moon. That’s right as you read, the little rodent has a habit of howling at the moon. Who could imagine a mouse with wolfish behavior. Nature really is a box of surprises.

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