Queen Ant – Incredible facts about the leader of the colonies

Ants are reproduced by the queen and the males. Therefore, the queen ant’s main function is to colonize the anthill.

You have certainly heard of the queen bee, but what do you about the queen ant? Queen ants have the same job as queen bees, wasps and termites, their role is to ensure that colonies thrive.

To clarify, the life cycle of an ant goes through several stages of metamorphosis, similar to the life cycle of butterflies. In addition, their reproduction is carried out by the queen and the anthill males.

In general, ants are social insects that live and thrive in cooperative colonies. In other words, inside the colonies they have a hierarchical structure, with male, worker and queen ants. In addition, each grape variety has specific functions to fulfill.

Finally, you need to know that ants reproduce through the fertilization and incubation of eggs. The queen lays these eggs at a fast rate allowing ant populations to grow quickly into the thousands and in some cases millions.

How does an ant become queen?

The life cycle of ants goes through numerous stages of metamorphosis. As read above, individual ants play one of 3 jobs within the ant colony: they either become a queen ant, worker ant or male ant that mates with the queen. Only the female ants that were fed more royal jelly when they were larvae became queens, the other females become worker ants.

Therefore, the factors that influence the rise of a queen in the colony which include the environment it was raised in and species. When a queen ant becomes an adult, she can live a long and productive life, the queen can live to thirty years of age in some species of ants.

What is the role of the queen ant?

Queen have 2 responsibilities. First, the queens main role is to start a new colony and grow it. She will leave the nest in which she was born and mate with any flying male ants she encounters. Once the deed has been done she seeks a new place to build her own empire.

The queen ant will also lose her wings when laying her first brood of eggs. After these eggs hatch, they turn into ants that become workers. Subsequently, the queen begins to focus on her second task which is to sufficient eggs to grow her nest.

In short, the queen ant’s primary duty is to produce millions of eggs during its lifetime. But despite being a queen she has no authority, her only purpose is to produce eggs.

How to identify a queen ant in the anthill?

Queen ants differ from the rest of the ant colony in several ways. On the one hand, they live longer than the workers, who have a useful life of a few months to one or two years. In addition to their longevity, queen ants are almost always larger than the other members of the anthill.

Therefore, when trying to identify a queen, realize that the most noticeable difference will be an enlarged chest (the body segment below the neck), and some of them may also have wings. Most queens, however, will lose their wings when they are no longer needed.

What happens if the queen dies?

In certain species of ants the colony will also die out if the queen dies but in other species of ants a successor can take over the colony and continue to lay eggs.

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