Now Available – Samurai Armor For Your Cats and Dogs?

A small company in Japan called Samurai Age has started producing what is probably the first and most authentic samurai armor for cats and dogs.

It is something pet owners have been crying out for for years and now it`s finally here, your very own samurai pat. While dogs are always on guard to protect their owners we are not too sure about cats. But either way you have to admit these cats and dogs look awesome in the samurai suits.

The armor comes as a standard size for cats and small dogs but a special made one can be requested for larger pets. The company claims that they have modeled the pet costumes on actual samurai armor worn by Japanese warriors from old.

Most cats and dogs love dressing up in the armor and of course all the attention that comes with it but occasionally a few pets don`t.

These awesome suits of armor will cost around 4,040 yen ($125) and for a larger custom suit it will set you back 16,416 yen ($146). These pet costumes are not only cool for cats but they are cool for dogs too.

So who wants one of these for their pet?

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About Samurai Age

The company behind these incredible samurai armors is run by Jim Austin and his wife whom reside in a small mountain community in Saga-ken, Japan. They don`t just make for pets but also make soft armor for adults and kids too, they also sake bottle covers in the shape of Samurai armor. You can purchase their products from their official site here. All these products are available for purchase and can be delivered world wide.

Samurai Age have developed these products on the Sengoku period of Japanese history which was from 1467 to 1600. It was a time when samurais continually fought over kingdoms in Japan and when these warriors became well-known mythical heroes in Japanese folklore-history.

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