Most dangerous Dog in the World – 14 breeds that need caution

Most of the time, the most dangerous dogs in the world are the result of crossbreeding with a focus on violence, as well as mistreatment.

Most of the time, dogs are seen as docile partners and companions of the human being. However, it is part of some breeds’ instinct to attack or defend themselves more often and with intensity. Thus, care must be taken not to acquire a dangerous dog without any caution, even if it is to be used as a guard dog.

This does not mean that all animals of the bravest breeds will be aggressive. The behavior of the animal considers instinct, but also the type of breeding and attention that is given to the pet.

So, get to know the peculiarities of some breeds that can be considered less docile.

Wolf Dog

As the name suggests, the wolf dog is a hybrid breed that arises from the cross between a dog and a wolf. In this way, the offspring at these crossings are naturally more wild and aggressive towards hunting and food. Inexperienced owners should not relate to animals like that, which can pose risks if not treated properly.

Generally, the main breeds crossed with wolves also appear among dangerous dogs, such as Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd.

Canary Fang

Also called Canary Dog, the breed is native to the Canary Islands. This breed has one of the strongest bites among dogs and can be angry and suspicious in front of strangers. Because of this, it is common for it to be used as guard dogs. On the other hand, it ceases to be a dangerous dog to people with whom it has intimacy, presenting a docile and faithful personality.

Chow chow

The appearance of a Chow Chow teddy bear may suggest a docile personality type, but the truth is that they can be aggressive dogs. Chow Chow is a very territorial animal and can attack people who threaten its space or its owners. To avoid aggressive behavior, the owner must walk the dog frequently, as well as perform some specific training.


The Doberman is a breed native to Germany, widely used as a guard dog. Its main characteristics involve loyalty, attention and intelligence. Because of this, many animals of this breed have been subjected to aggressive treatments, in order to develop reactions that are also aggressive. In the mid-80s and 90s, it was seen as the most dangerous dog in the world because of its use in films and TV series.

St Bernard

Dogs of the São Bernardo breed are used especially in rescue missions in the Swiss Alps. However, they can also be great watchdogs, as they can exhibit aggressive behavior when threatened. In addition, it is a breed that requires firm and intense training to keep it under control.

Alaskan Malamute

At first, Malamutes were developed to assist hunters and pull sleds in Alaska. However, they are animals with a strong personality and difficult to be trained. If they do not maintain a frequent routine of physical activities and games, they can become dangerous dogs, almost like wolves.

Siberian Husky

The development of the Huskies is similar to that of the Malamutes, but in the regions of Siberia. Dogs of this breed also have more primitive instincts and can be aggressive especially towards children. This is because their size can resemble that of natural prey, making them possible targets. Despite appearing on the list of aggressive dogs, Huskies are not good guard dogs, as they can have behavioral problems.

Caucasus Shepherd

The Caucasus Shepherd is also a native of Russia, where he was used as a guard dog on German borders. They can be used to care for herds, but they become aggressive dogs when trained to attack. If you do not pass specific training, they show strong temperament and few sociable.

American Bandogge

At first, this breed was not developed for combat and aggression. However, due to their muscular aspect and similarity to the Pitbull, some people subject these animals to violent treatments, generating reactive and impatient animals.

Brazilian Fila

The native breed of Brazil is also known as Brazilian Mastiff. The Fila has excellent tracking skills, but can be an aggressive dog if it does not receive adequate treatment. Due to its large size, it was even banned in some countries.


The Rottweiler has a lethal potential when it decides to attack a victim and is therefore among the most dangerous dogs in the world. However, aggressive behavior only develops when the animal is mistreated during breeding, often intentional. In this way, your guarding skills, speed and strength end up becoming dangerous traits.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd may be on the list of the most dangerous dogs in the world, but he is also highlighted as a protector, vigilant and intelligent. This is because he is not usually intimidated by threats or invasions of his territory. Attack training can be so effective that, in the First and Second War, the Shepherd was a military race used to attack soldiers.

Pit bull

For many, the PitBull is popularly the most dangerous dog in the world. This is because for a long time these animals were raised as fighting dogs, undergoing violent treatments that formed the aggressive personality. Its bite is among one of the strongest of the species.

Great Dane

The Great Dane can figure among aggressive dogs especially for its exaggerated size: it is the tallest dog in the world, with 111 cm in height. In addition, it was originally used to hunt animals such as deer and wild boar in Germany. However, the Great Dane is typically domestic, and is also a great pet, especially for those who cannot do many walks.

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