Miracle puppy with 6 legs and 2 tails is surviving!

This little cute puppy that is born with 6 legs, 2 tails is literally called a ‘miracle’ by veterinaries and scientists. 


Her name is “Skipper” and she is truly one of kind and incredibly unique. 

In fact, scientists don’t recall ever have seen a puppy like her, and on top of that, she will survive which is also rare with such severe conditions. 


Unique features

Skipper is believed to be a mix breed between an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie. On February 26th Skipper was born with 9 other cute puppies.

It’s believed that Skipper was originally part of a twin in the womb, but that the twins failed to part and therefor Skipper got extra parts on the lower part of her body like 2 extra legs and an extra tail. 

On top of that she’s got two pelvic regions, two reproductive systems, but only one head and chest. Which is probably a very good thing. 

Yes, she will survive 🙂

Vets are very optimistic and believe that Skipper has a good and long life ahead of her.
It shouldn’t be necessary for her to get any surgery either, both because the condition is not caused by genetic courses but by congenital, but also because all her extra parts are all responding to stimulus.  

The extra legs are even believed to be an advantage because it will give her a better balance and stability when she walks.

Her human mum has a lot of work ahead of her though. It’s important to teach Skipper basic things and train motion exercises with her that will help her keep her legs strong. 

Lots of people have been very supportive and the cute, unique puppy has been offered funds enough to cover her veterinary bills and a lifetime of food and treats. 

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