Milo Returns From Vets And Gets Upset As Something Is Missing

Meet Milo the Tom cat who was horrified when he discovered something was missing after his visit to the vets. Poor kitty.

Milo`s owner John Reed from England was on hand to capture Milo`s comical reaction.

According to John, Milo spent ages looking down at his privates then eventually looked up and gave a terrifying meow. You have to feel sorry for Milo, imagine waking up and finding your bits and bobs were gone.

Some people disagree with this surgical procedure but it actually has many benefits. For starters, cats usually live longer and have happier lives once it has been done.

Male cats are quite often aggressive to both other cats and his owners so castrating them reduces their testosterone levels making them a lot more friendly and lovable.

Castrating a Tom cat also stops them spraying their urine around the home. Because of their lower testosterone levels they no longer feel the need to mark their territory. So no more smelly scents in the home.

Male cats like to go on long walks in search of females too, they can be gone for days and usually return home dirty. Sometimes they turn up with severe injures from fighting with other Tom cats. Getting your cat neutered at a vets clinic prevents this and turns them into more of a stay at home cat.

Another benefit is the possibility of preventing testicular cancer and many other diseases which are often transmitted through reproduction. Less visits to the vets equals a healthier kitty and you save a few bucks in the long run too.

One of the biggest advantages of neutering is reducing the number of abandoned kittens that are left to fend for themselves and the streets. These poor cats often suffer greatly and end up starving to death.

Do you agree with neutering pet cats?

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