Meet Jonathan, The Oldest Animal in the World

Having a pet is among the most pleasurable things in life. Often, we come to see them as our best friends, since they are extremely loyal and do not abandon us, even in the worst situations.

It is common to find, in various homes around the world, dogs, cats, fish, hamsters and birds, for example. These are the ones that people are most attached to. However, in rural areas, for example, there are others like: horses, pigs and goats that people love so much. Because we love too much, we want these beings to live as long as possible, if possible forever by our side. Some animals follow this and reach very old ages, as is the case with Jonathan, the oldest animal in the world.

Chelonians are reputed to be animals that live for many years. On average, they can reach 80 years. But, of course, there are those who escape this rule and easily surpass that time, living much longer than we expect. This is the case with Jonathan, the oldest giant tortoise in the world. He was born in Seychelles and is (believe me!) 189 years old. Many people are shocked to learn Jonathan’s age, as it is not common to see a living being at that age.

Jonathan, the oldest animal in the world

Jonathan currently lives on the island of Santa Helena, in the South Atlantic. The more than 100-year-old turtle is in the care of Teeny Lucy, the president of the local SPCA. The animal, which attracts many onlookers, was taken directly to the governor’s property, where he has a life full of perks.

“Jonathan is an icon here! He is a great gentleman who has seen it all. He landed in Santa Helena in 1882 as an adult, he saw generations of people coming and going! ”Said Teeny, the caretaker of the century-old turtle. With the animal, live another three giant tortoises. The second oldest is her friend David, 82, who is much younger than Jonathan. “Jonathan’s longevity certainly surprised many people,” said Teeny.

However, they believe that the animal has already totally lost its sight because of its several years. But, fortunately, he manages the way he does and leads a very good life alongside his friends, in this case the other giant tortoises and also the humans that surround him.

“As the oldest land animal in the world, it has almost real status here! He is worthy of friendly interaction, as long as people move slowly around him. We all like him! ”Concluded Teeny, who has a huge affection for Jonathan. His entire trajectory draws the attention of people from all over the world. Some biologists even study about all these years of life and are delighted with all of it.

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