Here is a true fairytale story of a real unicorn puppy, “Narwhal”. 

A little peculiar pup walked the cold streets of rural Missouri. It had frostbites on its paws and had been abandoned at a dumpsite. 


Luckily it was found and taken to a nonprofit rescue organisation “Mac’s Mission” for puppies and grown-up dogs with special needs.  


The little puppy quickly got named “Narwhal”, because it has a very peculiar feature on his forehead. Just like a second tale! 

It’s one-third of the size of his real tale size and makes Narwhal look somewhat like a unicorn, or a Narwhale, therefrom the name. 


Mac’s Missions volunteer-helpers quickly took him to the vet. Thankfully, he recovered very fast from his frostbites and the x-rays that were taken showed that his little forehead-tale was no problem for him, that he did not need surgery or to have it removed.


“It’s cute and not oversized, it doesn’t cause him any pain, and it doesn’t wag” the helpers at the shelter explains.


Narwhal and his new forever owner, Rochelle Steffens, who own “Mac’s Mission dogshelter”.

Narwhal has been so lucky that he has now been adopted by Mac’s Missions founder, Rochelle Steffen. There was so many interested in adopting him, which was good, she has explained. But at the same time, she was worried that he would become exploited for financial reasons.
And as she said, if there were to be donated any money for his uniqueness, or money made from him on social media, then the shelter wishes it goes to the Mac’s Mission organisation to be able to help thousands of other special dogs.
There is a big need to help those dogs suffering from deformity, clefts or trauma. Sadly they will often be put down, otherwise.  

We at Pet Greatness are thrilled that Narwhals story has a happy ending by him getting his “furrever” happy home 🙂


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