Meet Gunther, The Richest Dog In The World

There are so many spoiled pets in the world. Even though a few depend on the wealth of their owners, some, believe it or not, are more than lucky because these pets have their own fortune.

Of all the animals that have been awarded large amounts of money, none have as much money as the dog known as Gunther IV, who is a stunning German shepherd and also a member of the wealthiest dog dynasty in the world.

Yes, we know that it is difficult to imagine a pet enjoying an almost incalculable amount, but it happens and it is not for nothing that Gunther IV, offspring of Gunther III, the richest animal in the world, conquered the headlines of the international media. .

Gunther IV

Gunther IV currently owns $ 375 million. The iconic German shepherd resides in a luxury villa in Miami and has a specialized team – including a personal butler and house maid – to take care of all of his needs. The dog spends part of his day swimming and playing, as well as enjoying a range of high quality foods, such as luxury truffles and smooth caviar.

Nevertheless, Gunther IV also has its own company. According to the Odditycentral news portal, the assets of the German Shepherd company are managed by specialists, who daily ensure that the wealth of the richest dog dynasty in the world continues to grow.

In short, the history of the dynasty started back in 91, with the German countess Karlotta Leibenstein passing away and leaving all her wealth to her faithful pet, Gunther III. Interestingly, at the time, Gunther III received an estimated amount of about $ 100 million. Over time, the people charged with managing wealth have quadrupled the amount.


Apparently, pets are not allowed to own assets, but they are allowed to inherit money through trust funds, which, in most cases, was set by their owners before they passed away. An administrator is put in charge of the wealth and decides when the money can be spent and also arranges for the animal’s guardian, who will be responsible for the animal.

The administrator also ensures that the trust is managed properly and that the funds are used only to serve the interest of the the animal.

Pet owners often set up limits for the administrator’s ability to withdraw funds to prevent fraud.


Gunther IV inherited the fortune of Gunther III, Countess Leibenstein’s original heir, because it had been judicially stated that the when Gunther III passes away his wealth passed on to his offspring, so Gunther IV became the richest dog in the world.

To this day Gunther remains the CEO of Gunther Corporation, which is the company that manages Gunther’s enormous wealth. The money is used by the company for investing in profitable business opportunities.

Over the years the company has purchased assets such as a football club in Tuscany, Italy, and produced a theater show called Burgundians which has helped increase Gunthers wealth.

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