Fifteen Crazy Cats That Have Forgotten How To Be Cats

Check out these fifteen pictures of funny cats that have completely forgotten how to behave like a cat. Which one do you think is the funniest?

If you have ever owned a pet cat before then you are probably well aware of some of the crazy things these furry creatures can get up to. They sleep in the most awkward positions one can imagine and also the most uncomfortable of places but you have to admit they are 100% adorable.

1. Paws Up this Is A Robbery

2. Apparently This Cat Sit’s Like This Everyday

3. This Feline Loves To Hang About In The Bathroom

4. Ever Seen A Cat Eat Like This?

5. Or Sit On The Stairs Like This?

6. This Is How This Cat Asks For Food

7. If Only All Cats Were As Helpful As This One

8. Is This The Most Ridiculous Sleeping Position Or What?

9. Nothing Wrong With A Bit Of Cat Yoga

10. Smile For The Camera

11. Have You Ever Seen A Cat Sitting Like This Before?

12. Do You Think This Critter Regretted His Decision To Climb The Wall?

13. Peek a Boo

14. Are You Looking At My Ass?

15. Does Anybody Understand The Logic Of Cats?

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