Eight Fun Cafes Where You Can Cuddle Animals

If you fancy a change from the norm then discover some really amazing cafes where animals are part of the cafe furniture.

Back in the year 1998 a new type of cafe opened up in Taiwan which kicked off a trend that has spread to the rest of the world.

The cafe was called Cat Flower Garden and what was special about it was that visitors could play with cats will enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

Now there are many animal cafes opening up all over the world so read on to see what animals you can joy a cuppa with.

1. Rabbit Cafes

Rabbit cafes started in japan and have grown increasingly popular over the years, in fact they are almost as popular as cat cafes.

2. Owl Cafes

Visiting Japan’s owl cafes are a real hoot too. You are obviously not gonna a get a cuddle out of them but it is one hell of a experience having birds of prey as part of the cafe furniture.

There is now one called Annie The Owl which has recently opened up in London, UK..

3. Sheep Cafe

If you think sheep are cute and cuddly then you’ll be pleased know that there is a cafe in Seoul called the The Nature Cafe which has sheep in pens for the customers to play with.

The sheep are kept in very clean condition and if you are lucky enough the owner might them out to wander around the tables.

4. Cat Cafes

Cat cafes are by far the most popular out of all the animal cafes, after all who can resist the charms of these fury little critters.

5. Dog Cafes

If man’s best friend is more your style then how about a dog cafe? These places are perfect for those of you who love dogs but don’t have the time to take care of one.

Problem is could you resist those puppy eyes begging for a treat:

6. Parrot Cafes

If you prefer a feathery friend then are plenty of parrot cafes dotted around the globe. You can even end up having a funny conversation with a talking parrot.

7. Snake Cafes

This type cafe only appeals to few people, after all who the hell would want to chill out in a cafe full of snakes and scorpions.

8. Alpaca cafes

Alpaca cafes have started becoming popular in Japan too, just be careful they don’t spit in your coffee.

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