Cute and Funny Dog Leotards Are The Latest Thing With Dog Owners

st Bernard wearing dog leotard

The latest trend to hit pet owners are these dog leotards but despite it making your pet look silly it actually has numerous benefits to your dog’s well being.

These dog leotards are being produced by the same California based company that produces the Shed Defender and the company claims that this tight fit leotard can help calm your dog and reduce the chance of them barking. The dog leotard works by applying gentle pressure in the right places to give the dog the feeling he or she is having a loving hug. Of course dogs aren`t able to confirm this so we just have to take the word of the manufacturer.

st Bernard wearing dog leotard

These leotards for dogs are also extremely helpful when your dog is shredding as they prevent your pooch from leaving dog hair on your furniture and car seats. It also makes life easier after taking your dog for a walk too, you can just take of the dog leotard and throw it in the wash if your dog comes back all dirty.

Even though the company claims this dog leotard makes them feel less anxious and more comfortable we are not entirely convinced that these dogs are that happy to be wearing them.

Scroll the pictures below to see more pet pooches dressed up like a dog’s dinner. Some of these dogs look like they are about to make an exercise workout video series with Richard Simmons while others look dressed to be a superhero.

What are the benefits of dog leotards

1. You can use when traveling with the dog in the car
2. Use when allowing the dog in the house
3. It can keep the dog warm acting as a barrier to the cold
4. Contains and reduces dirt, dander, and allergens
5. Can help reduce anxiety and give the dog a sense of calmness
6. Can help keep the dog clean when outside
7. Can be used as a replacement for the medical cone worn around the neck
8. Great for dogs with skin diseases and allergies
9. They protect dogs from pesky bugs, ticks and burrs, which often get lodged in fur

Would you consider putting a dog leotard on your pet pooch now you know the benefits?

If you are interested in a leotard for your dog then visit the website Shred Defender , you can choose between color shape and size that best suits your dog.

Only downside to these leotards for dogs is that when it comes time for them to be relieving themselves you have to be quick to unzip the Shed Defender before any accidents occur.

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