Discover 5 Places in The World With Cat Overpopulation

Most of the planet was colonized by humans, but in some places, we have a predominance of other species. And cats couldn’t be left out of this! Some places that have been dominated by felines and have become ideal tourist spots for pussy lovers.

Check out 5 places in the world with overpopulation of cats:

Cat Island in Aoshima, Japan

The region of Aoshima has become popularly known as cat island. There are 6 felines on site for each human resident! In total, there are about 120 cats on an island just over 1km long.

Cat Sanctuary, Greece

In the Syros region of Greece, a cat sanctuary has been in operation for years. The rescue center is home to more than 65 animals that have been saved. Founded by Joan Bowell, the purpose of the site is to rescue, heal and care for the island’s felines.

Hemingway Museum, Florida, United States

The Hemingway Museum, formerly home to the famous American writer, is also one of the places in the world with an overpopulation of cats. Currently, about 50 cats inhabit the corridors of the place and are all descendants of Snow White, Hemingway’s kitten!

The Cat Village, Taiwan

In Taiwan, a village has already become a tourist spot because of all the cats that live there. In 2019, a census revealed that about 290 felines inhabited the place! They started to conquer their territory in 1920, when humans started to migrate to other places with more job offers. While the human population did not increase, that of cats grew exponentially.

Feline Colony, Rome, Italy

The region of Largo di Torre Argentina, in Italy, is known worldwide as the place where Emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated. The cats were attracted to the place and transformed the sanctuary into a kind of shelter. Currently, it is believed that about 250 cats still roam the area.

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