Clever Crows – did you imagine that?

Did you know that crows and ravens can be self-conscious? 

In fact, they are not just ‘stupid animals’ but very wise. 

Crows can use tools and advanced communication – and the latest research shows that they may even be self-conscious.


Here a Crow is thirsty and trying to explain to a human that it wants water from his water bottle, have a look and a laugh.

For millennia, we humans have had a fascination with crows and ravens.

Latest in Game of Thrones, remember the three-eyed crow?


Also, they have always been symbolised in Greek-, Northmen/Viking- and Celtic-mythologies again and again.


A new study suggests that even crows may also be self-conscious

We, humans, watch our self in the mirror, think about how we look, how we present ourselves.

We are totally conscious of ourselves. Probably, most people will agree on that. 

But what that means is not so easy to define and explain. It has something to do with us thinking about ourselves, our existence and our place in relation to others and the rest of the world.

But according to the latest science then this consciousness is not necessarily unique to us humans.

In fact, more and more research is suggesting that it also counts for quite a few of the most intelligent and well-developed brains in the animal kingdom. Primates and marine mammals can have a fairly good degree of self-awareness.

Crows, house sparrows and roaches are in fact super-intelligent and have shown signs of being able to recognize themselves.

For example, if you put a dot on the back of an animal’s head and then place the animal between two mirrors so it can see the dot in the mirror behind then almost all great apes try to remove the dot!

It indicates they have an understanding that it is they themselves they see in the mirror. 

Interestingly dogs and pigs do not respond to the dot BUT crows do.

Birds’ brains are very different from mammals’ brains, and therefore it’s hard to say for sure how much self-awareness birds have and how it actually works.


It’s a fact that crows and ravens are super intelligent.

Crows are known for assembling nuts, place them on a street and let the cars crush the shell. Often it’s in traffic lights, and they wait for the light to shift, so it’s safe to fly over and pick the nuts up. Smart.


They can even remember human faces, and teach other crows to hold grudges against humans who have treated them badly.

They speak better than parrots and are monogamous throughout the lifetime. They raise families together and previous offsprings often come back and help to feed the next little crow generation. 

Experiments have proof that crows and ravens actually can think 3-4-5 steps ahead when they have to solve a difficult task.

They can even use tools. And that suggests that some crows are communicating at a level where the spoken language is approaching. It’s crazy.



Often they outsmart trashcans 😉 They know there might be delicious food inside, and can spend hours on figuring out how to open the lit, even if they have special locks on. Their patience is quite incredible.

The fact that birds can be self-aware, intelligent and have something reminiscent of a language were assumed to be unique to humans, or as minimal mammals just a few years ago.


Crows are everywhere. In the parks, the garden, the fields and the forests. If you take the time to study them, you will discover how many tricks they can do and how social and curious they are.


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