Stunning Cat With Two Faces Is Most Beautiful Cat You’ve Ever Seen

On March 28, 2017, Narnia was born, a male kitten with two faces. Its main characteristic was a face with two colors: gray half, black half.

The feline charmed the owners of Chatterie de la Grâce, a cat breeder located in Paris. Like most of the local animals, Narnia is a short-haired cat (British Shorthair), but its appearance is unmistakable.

According to the Biology Journal website, the phenomenon of Narnia’s coat is unusual, but can be explained by the fusion of the DNA of two animals – that is, it is as if the kitten had merged with the embryo of a non-identical twin, in this way, acquired its unique condition. Cats with this characteristic are called “chimera” – and there is even a kitten that has gained the name of the condition and is super cute. ♥

See below more Narnia photos!

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