Can You Find The Sneaky Snake Hiding In This Picture?

Can You Find The Sneaky Snake Hiding In This Picture

There’s a copperhead venomous snake disguised in this photo, but if you were walking passed it would you be able to see it or would you possibly stand on it?

This picture shows that some snakes are the masters of camouflage. The can hide in plain sight and most of us would never even see them. Snakes have developed their camouflage for both protection from predators but also to make them stealthy hunters. One of the best examples of this is the copperhead in this picture.

Take one last look… Can you see it hiding among the leaf litter?

Ok.. here he is

Can You Find The Sneaky Snake Hiding In This Picture

Now you can understand why snakes are such amazing hunters. If a rat or mouse walked passed this snake they would never know it was there until it was too late. On top of that these snakes have heat sensors built in so they can home in on the target. It also means they can hunt at night without even needing to use their eye sight.

Can You Find The Sneaky Snake Hiding In This Picture

Copperheads Agkistrodon contortrix are members of the pit viper family. They not large only growing from 20 to 36 inches. They are mainly found in the eastern parts of north America. These snakes do not willingly attack humans. If given the chance they will move away and avoid us.

Unfortunately their camouflage is so good that we often don’t see them and stand next to or even on them. That’s when they will bit in self defense.

Unlike most snakes, copperheads do not lay eggs. They give birth to several live young, usually only 4 to 7 unlike snakes which lay eggs that birth much larger clutches.

The copperhead bite is very painful and hospital medication is recommended if you get bitten. Sometimes they will give a dry bite meaning that they do not deliver venom but even if they do inject, the venom is not usually deadly and is less powerful then their closely related cousin the cottonmouth.

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