Blue Dogs Were Seen Near a Factory in Moscow

The dog is man’s best friend. They can keep their owners company, help them walk if they are blind. In addition, they can serve as a method of therapy for any illness. Likewise, also brighten up the environment in which they are.

Basically, this friendship has lasted for centuries, and for this reason, the animal is considered man’s best friend. All the people who say they have a dog at home, always talk about the loyalty of the pet. Nothing better than coming home, after a tiring day and finding a dog waiting for us, full of happiness. It can really change people’s moods.

And anyone who loves dogs and has one knows how is the relationship with these animals. And he realizes that they not only understand what the owner means, but also the form and tone in which they say things.


We know that there are several breeds of dogs that make these animals as varied as possible. Going from small poodles, to gigantic lines.

However, we know and are used to certain dog colors. And when it is seen animals that come out of this common pattern of colors and somewhat frightening and curious at the same time.

An example of this were street dogs with very intense blue fur. These animals were discovered on the streets close to an abandoned synthetic substance factory in the cities of Dzerzhinsk, Russia, which is approximately 370 kilometers from Moscow.


According to the suspicions of animal activist groups, roaming around the chemical factory with harmful elements may have been the cause for the dogs’ unusual hair color.

The factory near where the dogs were seen produced acrylic plates and hydrokinic acid, which is a highly toxic compound and a precursor to many polymers.

However, dogs’ hair may have been contaminated from other substances such as copper sulphate, which is a bright blue inorganic chemical which is often used on a surface in the industrial processes.

That is, it is not yet clear what really caused the blue hair of the animals. But it is known that their color is an indication that it is not good news for the welfare of these animals.

The dye in their fur is a sign that they have been in contact with or perhaps may have even consumed toxic and lethal substances. This can result in extremely painful burns on the skin, irritating itching and also internal bleeding. It could even lead to an illnesses that can cause death.


The factory near the region where the dogs were seen closed down back in 2015 due to bankruptcy. The dogs have been recently rescued by the town’s residents and are currently being cared for by a veterinarian at the shelter in Nizhny Novogrod. But best of all, two of these dogs have been adopted.

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