Are You Crazy Enough To Spend $200k On A Dog House?

A new company is starting up in the UK called Hecate Verona who are planning on selling luxury kennels for those who want to treat their pet dogs.

There will be a selection of kennels to choose from with the most luxurious costing a crazy 200 thousand dollars.

So what do you get for your 200k?

Your pet dog will get to strut it’s paws on hardwood floors made from beech and oak. The kennel will feature columns and balconies carved from marble and dolomite. It will be fitted with automatic indoor and outdoor lighting, automated food and water systems, treat dispensers and a TV and sound system. Everything a dog desires.

They idea behind these dog mansions came about after the owner of Hecate Verona, Alice Williams decided that dogs should be allowed to live in luxury homes too. If he is thought of as one of the family then he should get a home to match his owner’s too.

The company devoted two years to analyzing what would be the perfect home for a dog. Numerous dog breeds were used in the testing and professional vets were also questioned until the company were 100% satisfied they had the ideal home. After all if the customer is going to spend 200 thousand dollars on a kennel it has to be perfect.

Hecate Verona allows the customers to contribute to the design of the dog house so that they are completely satisfied with the project.

Some of the options available on these luxury homes are air conditioning, heating, cameras and also a comunication system so you can talk to your pet dog while he is at home.

Each luxury dog house takes between two and four months to complete, after which it is delivered straight to the client.

As fantastic as these dog houses look I think they may be a bit offer priced when you consider you could actually buy a real house for that price. What do you think?

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