11 animals that could star in a Science Fiction movie

WOW NATURE – what just happened!?


The worst nightmare creatures from sci-fi movies have usually found inspiration in some of the more exotic creatures of the animal world. Here you have five candidates that can be used in such a movie, without any “improvements”!

Chtulhu Larva

The Chtulhu caterpillar is very correctly named after a fictional sea monster, from H.P. Lovecraft’s novels.


Cthulhu is a divine monster, described as one of the ultimate evils of the universe.


Chthulu has tentacles on its face – like the Cthulhu caterpillar, a deep-sea mollusc that typically lives at depths of up to 4,000 meters.

– It’s a true cutie, isn’t it?



Poodle Moth

This little cutie, or monster, looks like a mixture of a poodle and a moth, therefrom the name ‘Poodle Moth’. It is a newer species of swarm discovered in 2009 by a Russian scientist, in Venezuela.



Peacock Spider

This little “Spiderman” performs perfectly to “YMCA” – have a laugh.

They might even be the inspiration to a new “Fortnite Dance” or a new form of “Gangnam Style” hit. Or maybe even star in “Dirty Dancing” 

-What do you think?

Peacock Spiders are known for being an inspiration to many in the fashion world. Their vibrant colours and patterns have been used for bikinis, clothes and handbags.

We at Pet Greatness wouldn’t be surprised if they are soon to become an inspiration to a sci-fi movie..beautiful jumping spider-looking creature with 4 eyes, and some of them change colours every time they move and move they can 🙂



Oh, what a little cutie. Well, not all Sci-Fi creatures and aliens are monsters, and the little Axolot must definitely be in the “good cobs” category. It’s also called “The Little Mexican Walking Fish”.

Sadly, they are now a critically endangered species. They only live in the Xochimilco lake and its canals in Mexico. The Mexicans consider them as a delicatessen when roasted, they are a big thing in aquarium trade, Herons simply love eating them as well as the and larger fish that has been inserted in the lake. Mexico city drains and contaminate the waters and canals of Xochimilco, so all in all their numbers are drastically decreasing.
Perhaps a Disney movie could give them a leading role. That always create awareness, as it did in the movie “Rio”, where the blue Macaw won everybody’s hearts, or “Nemo” the little clownfish…who knew about much about them before they turned to movie heroes?



Frilled shark

–  How would this do as a king-size Goa’uld symbiote from Stargate?

The frilled shark is the only living specimen of the shark family Chlamydo-selachidae, otherwise described as a fossil species.
The frilled shark has been observed in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and can be up to two meters long. The diet consists mainly of smaller sharks, fish and squid that live in the deeper sea layers.
The shark is very primitive compared to other living sharks, and has no dorsal fin. Therefore, it’s not a candidate for a leading role in “Jaws”, but is very often associated with the mythical Sea Serpent / Sea Monster. Just look at it, and you won’t wonder why.



Naked Mole Rat

Not fun to be in a battle with, as their skin can’t really feel pain, and they can run as fast backwards as they do when running forward! And on top of that it’s the rodent that lives the longest, it can become almost 32 years old. A “normal rat” becomes approx 2 years old.



“Blob Fish” alias “Jabba the Hut”

…or perhaps “Jabba The Blob” 🙂


And the Oscar for the ugliest animal on the earth goes to….”The Blob Fish”.


Furthermore, this is no joke as “The ugly animal preservation society” made an online competition to nominate the most world’s most hideous animal, and the Blobfish won by far.

The blobfish can become 130 years old! Like many deep-sea creatures, they can become extremely old. This is often because their reproduction and growth rate is extremely slow.
The blobfish it’s living in the waters around Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania.



Spider crab

Look at this, needing saying more? Isn’t it just a perfect Sci-Fi monster?
They live in the Japanese Pacific waters, can become up to 5.5 metres / 18 ft) from claw to claw and can weight up to 40 pound / 20 Kg.
And yeah, they don’t have to worry too much about lifespan, as they can become 100 years old!



Honey Ant

Honey Ant? What a cute name, however it comes from its huge belly, that enlarges enormously compared to its size, as it wanders around collecting food for the ant nest. Honey ants live in the Australian outback, where they prefer to hide underground. The “honey pot” ants are specialized worker ants that store excess food for the ant estate, and “no”, they are not very mobile…perhaps that could be changed in a science fiction movie though 😉



The Coconut Crab

The Coconut Crab is as huge as you see on the picture. In the old days, there were sooo many rumours about the coconut crab, that it could crack coconuts with its claws, climb trees and catch prey from there, tear a human body apart, body part by body part. What’s worse is that most of these stories are true! The crabs do mainly live of coconut that they climb trees to get and then they crack the coconuts. But they also prey on birds and carcass. Their claws are so strong that being squeezed by one is similar to that of a tigers bite.


Rumours have it that they tore Amelia Earhart apart. She had crashed with her flight and was lying on the beach (probably already dead) when the crabs came and tore her arms and legs off. Good thing though is that they are more afraid of us humans than we are of them, so just stay clear and you’ll be alright…that however, could be totally different in some sci-fi movie with these creatures in the main villain role.




Star-nosed Mole

A future “Star Wars” star?

Perhaps the looks of the Star-nosed mole is a good guess.
This weird-looking creature is no bigger than a rat when fully grown. It mainly lives of insects, tiny fish and worms. It’s blind as most moles, but its nose is so sensitive, that its senses are equivalent to our eyes.

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