Kangaroos try to communicate with humans

Clever Kangaroos can communicate with us, humans.

Read along and watch the video.

We all know that dogs or cats can sit with begging eyes and come with sounds and other expressive acts to tell us that they wish us to give them food, pet them, or provide them with different kinds of attention. 

But a new study in Sidney shows that even Kangaroos can try to communicate with us humans. That, as a matter of fact, they are way more intelligent than first anticipated. They can communicate in the same way as dogs and cats even though they have never been domesticated!

Baby Kangaroo holding hands.


A small study of 11 kangaroos in Sidney made an amazing observation. 

The researchers put a box in the area where the kangaroos were kept. The first eight days, the kangaroos could easily open the box and eat the food inside. 

Then the box was made in a way so that the kangaroos could not open it themselves. After sniffing the box and scratched on it for a little while then they interestingly enough turned to the caretaker looked at him directly and then looked back at the box and then back at the caretaker again with an expression like: “help me out here, dude”. 

Several of the Kangaroos would even jump over to the caretaker, sniff and touch him and then again start looking back at the box. As that didn’t seem to do the trick, some kangaroos jumped over to the caretaker and sniffed at him again, and some even started scratching his knee! Just like a dog would be “pawing” or a cat would constantly be meowing at you to get your attention and to communicate with you. 

Have a look at the surprised and cute expression this kangaroo has in the video when it discovers it can no longer open the box by itself:


Kangaroos are a very social species among each other in the wild, and they probably use this kind of gestures as a way to communicate with each other. 

If they were to live in a domesticated setting where they see humans each day and are fed by humans each day, they would probably start to communicate way more with humans in a similar way to what was expressed in the study.

The picture says it all...hug-love!


Interestingly enough, there has been a similar study, but this time, it was undomesticated wolves that were being studied. However, the wolves had no cute expressions or brown eyes begging the humans for help; they simply attacked the food boxes with their teeth instead.


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