10 Hilarious Pictures Of Animals Returning Home From The Vets

Not everyone likes to go to the doctor or the dentist, for many reasons, and the same goes for our furry friends. The veterinarian is certainly not their favorite place, but you can not avoid visiting him from time to time. It is important to check your health regularly, and only a professional can do that.

Even though it’s a sad moment picking up our pets from the vets we can’t help but laugh at their funny facial expressions.

Check out a selection of pictures below and find out what happens after the visit to the vet.

1. Whenever You are Having A Bad Day Just Think Of Albert The cat.

2. I made The Same Face When I heard They Were Making A New Star Wars Movie

3. He Woke Up Realizing He Came Back From The Vets With Something Missing

4. This Cat Came Back From The Vets Looking Totally Stoned

5. Not A Happy Puppy, This Is The I Hate You Stare….

6. After watching The Film Up He Wanted To Star In A Pixar movie, So This Was His Chance

7. If I Was This Cat’s Owner I would Be Very Scared right Now.

8. The tongue Is Real!

9. Stoned Or Listening To His Favorite Song?

10. Just When You Think Your Day Couldn’t Get Any Worse

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